• Cat in a Royal suit painting
  • Cat dressed like Napoleon Bonaparte painting
  • 1881 - La Louisiane, New Orleans restaurant, framed poster

The Royal Bobcat

It is a little known fact that since the days of Louis XIV and the excesses of the French Aristocracy, that a Bobcat held a title in the French Monarchy. Though largely symbolic and with almost no discernible power, the Bobcat was highly revered and considered a statesman of some import. Duties were mainly the formalities of meeting foreign dignitaries and lunching with high society and others loyal to the crown. A visit to Versailles will reveal the sleeping chambers of the first of a long line of Royal Bobcats, Philippe Louis Robert. Though raised in high society and a fixture at most lavish functions, Philippe was a champion of the Hoi Polloi. This is evidenced by the fact that even after the french revolution, the government continued to respect the role and duties of the Royal Bobcat. Napoleon himself was known to seek advice on everything from attire to war strategy. The last known post held by a Bobcat was until shortly after France's defeat in the Franco-Prussian war. With the rising tide of Republicans and the assurance of no return to a monarchist revival, Philippe Louis Robért III joined friends and allies in the French Foreign Legion. There is paperwork documenting his transit to the US in 1905. Now going by Philip Bob, his last known whereabouts were in New Orleans where he was known to frequent many local apothecaries, bars, and houses of ill repute. Those who knew him said he was a snappy dresser and a big tipper who never discussed his past.